Mobile security patrols can help protect your business

Mobile security patrols can help protect your business

For businesses that require additional protection due to the Covid-19 pandemic, or simply because they need extra security, mobile security patrols can be a great option.

Mobile security patrols are a cost-effective and simple way to keep your eyes on the ground, even when you have no security personnel.

What’s a mobile security guard?

A mobile security team is usually comprised of professional security guards that are hired to watch your property and its surroundings. They keep an eye on potential trespassers and ensure that your property is safe and secure at all times.

When you are unable to visit your property in person, mobile security patrols can provide peace of mind.

What mobile security patrols can do?

Mobile security guards can do a variety of tasks to protect your property and keep intruders away.

These services could include:

  • Ensure that windows and doors are locked. Also, ensure that you check for potential trespassers and other intruders.
  • Lock-up attendance. To ensure that your building is locked and secure at the end of the day, you must attend a lock-up hour. This inspection can include staff safety checks and building inspections to check for potential vulnerabilities.
  • Unlock attendance. This is ensuring that all access points are locked before the hours of opening.
  • Equipment monitoring. Mobile security teams are able to record temperature gauges, machinery and appliances during inspections. This allows them to create comprehensive status reports that can be tailored to your site’s requirements.
  • Keyholder services. If you need to give your keys to staff or contractors outside of normal business hours, mobile security guards can keep a duplicate of your keys.

Most mobile security patrols can provide services that are customised to fit your needs.

How does a mobile security guard help protect your business?

Australia is concerned about both break-ins as well as malicious property damage.
Businesses can have peace of mind with our mobile security patrols on Brisbane, Gold, and Sunshine Coast. These patrol units act to prevent crime by keeping potential intruders away from your site. They also increase the likelihood that intruders on your property are captured and charged.

Mobile patrol units can often provide key evidence to help in the prosecution of criminals and the recovery of any stolen items.

Why Choose Us

Pro Safe Security offers customized security packages that are tailored to each client.

No matter what your concerns may be, our mobile security patrol units are able to secure your business premises both inside and out on a schedule that works for you.

For more information about our mobile security guard services, contact us at Pro Safe Security today.

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