Mobile Patrols

ProSafe Security company Brisbane and Gold coast can offer a cost-effective and efficient high visibility alternative to recruiting a full-time static security guard for your site in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, or Gold Coast. We offer professional mobile patrol security guards. And the best part is no matter what size of business you have, you will get a mobile patrol solution that is fit for you and your business giving you complete peace of mind. Our mobile patrols are licensed and verified. They are highly visible and act as a visible deterrent. They are available at short notice and payable on a per-visit basis.

Businesses in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast that hire our uniformed mobile patrol services include residential buildings, depots, parking lots, car dealerships, construction sites, schools, warehouses, corporate buildings, distribution centres, and hotels to name a few.

Mobile patrol services offered:

  • Checking windows, exterior doors, automatic gates, and entrances
  • Checking late-night staff to ensure that they are safe
  • Checking the safety hazards in a property
  • Checking for trespassers and vagrants and getting them removed from the property
  • Ensuring the buildings & premises are secure
  • Deterrence of crime
  • Spotting authorised vehicles in the parking lots and getting them removed or ticketed
  • Locking and unlocking the premises
  • Patrol services combined with alarm response assistance for more protection
  • Random security patrols
  • Checking out of hours on the business premises
  • Monitoring activity & reporting security issues

To find out how ProSafe Security can protect your assets, contact us today!

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