About ProSafe Security

Prosafe Security is a family-owned and locally-operated security company providing security guard services to the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.
With over 10 years of experience.
We offer a comprehensive range of professional security services ranging from static security, personal protection, party security, crowd control and cash in transit.
Our specialists have industry-leading training and experience in the real-world environment, tactics, surveillance, reaction, hand to hand combat training, personal defence skills, public liaison skills and an unmatched drive to succeed.
We protect, deter and secure any object, person, area or event with unmatched performance and control giving you peace of mind that your safety and business is as secure as it can be.
We have developed specialist skills that present you with an ideal solution for all your security needs. We focus on reaction times, environmental planning, strategy, and many other security guard and bodyguard training aspects. We believe in business to client trust and instil this in all our fully trained and experienced employees.

For a reliable and effective security guard services on the Sunshine coast and Brisbane contact us today. 

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