Security services Gold coast

We offer security solutions across the Gold coast

When you need a Security Guards, Retail Security & Loss Prevention Static Guards, Party Security or Personal Protection Prosafe security Security can help.

 Prosafe Security provides security guards on the Gold coast  for Private Parties, Retail Security & Loss Prevention Events, Asset protection, Static security, Emergencey call outs and Personal Protection. 

We have already identified crime is on the up and up, it’s so important, more than ever you consider protecting your home, business and people. Prosafe Security are experts in our field, that is, Gold coast  security  and securing the Gold coast.

 Prosafe Security is ideal for-
  • Small Businesses especially those open 24 hours to protect staff & assets
  • Businesses with major exposed assets 
  • Retail Security & Loss Prevention
  • Business unattended between the wee hours
  • Commercial businesses in remote complexes
  • Residential premises especially in holiday absence or after a theft
  • Party Security Guard Hire
  • VIP Security Guards
  • Cash Handling Security
  • Security Escorts
  • Body guards
  • Event Security Guards

Static security 

Security guards that remain on  premises protecting  your business, assets and staff. 

Static security available  24/7 and short notice on the Gold  coast. 

Party Security

Party Security guards help keep your party safe. Our security guard provide access control only allowing invited guests in. 

Our party security cover all of the Gold  coast. 


Our Personal Protection Bodyguards cover all of the Gold coast providing personal 1 on 1 protection for individuals.

Emergency Response 

We provide emergency Response Security and on call for all of the Gold  coast. 
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