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ProSafe Security is a quality and experienced security guard  company servicing Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. We are one of the leading security guard companies in Queensland and provide specialist services such as Static, Party and Event Security, Crowd control, Mobile patrols, Personal protection, bodyguard and Cash in Transit services.

There is nothing more important than having to rely on the safety & security measures you put into place, and we offer the most reliable security services with solid experience, fast reaction and planning for any type of situation.

Highly Skilled Security Guard Services

Our core values state that we are to protect individuals, businesses, valuables & property to the full extent of our ability and training. We excel in protective security services that are based on high-end security skills from an extensive history and skills training. All of our services come with an in-depth risk assessment and risk mitigation plan based on your business and personal requirements.

For an Effective, Reactive, Professional security solution, contact Prosafe security today.


Monitored Comprehensive Protection and Support

Prosafe security is effective, reactive and professional. Our services come with a comprehensive risk assessment and risk mitigation plan. To have an effective security service, you need to have an effective plan. Our process allows us to identify risks and risk opportunities for your business. We realise that each client has unique requirements for their business. That is why you can count on us for unique and tailored security guard services. Pro Safe Security helps businesses reduce their risk and keep their people and property secure and safe. From our training, we can deliver fast responses and reactions to any given situation that might arise. From an unruly guest to an abduction attempt, while at the same time remaining calm and courteous to your employees, guest, clients and customers.

A Reliable Security Company 

There is nothing more significant than having to rely on the protection & security standards you put into position, and we offer the most dependable security in Brisbane Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast.

Security Guards You Can Trust

Trust is key to strong security detail. You must have dependable security guards and personnel that help and shield their clients. We offer excellence and experience that puts success on our side.

Elite Services That Are Professional

Professional security combines expertise, training, quick thinking, and reaction to situations that can negatively affect your business, event, or your own well being. We are fully trained in scenarios and outcomes.

We Protect and Serve Our Clients

Our core values affirm that we are to defend individuals, businesses, valuables & property to the full scope of our ability. We exceed in protective services that are based on high-end protection skills from a solid core.
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