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ProSafe Security is quality and experienced  security  company based on the Sunshine coast servicing Brisbane and Gold coast. We are  one of the leading security companies and deliver specialists security services to Sunshine coast, Brisbane and Gold coast. We provide specialists security services such as- Static security ,Party security , Event security , Crowd control, Mobile patrols, Personal protection and Cash in Transit security services. 

 There is nothing more important then having to rely on safety & security measures you put into place, and we offer the most reliable security services in Sunshine coast, Brisbane and Gold coast.  Our core values state that we are to protect individuals, businesses, valuables & property to the full extant of our ability. We excel in protective security services that are based on high-end protection skills from a solid base. 

whether you need static security , crowd control , cash in transit , party security or personal protection security services we have you covered. All of our security services comes with an in-deth risk assessment and risk mitigation plan based on your business requirements. 

For an Effective, Reactive, Professional security solution contact Prosafe security today. 



Monitored Comprehensive Protection and Support

Prosafe security is effective, reactive and professional. This is why our Static security , crowd control , party security , cash in transit and personal protection security services comes with a comprehensive risk  assessment and risk mitigation plan. To have an effective security services you need to have an effective plan.   Our process allows us to identify risks and risk opportunities to your business. All of our security services comes with a full risk assessment outcome report and risk management plan for your business. 

 We understand that each client has unique requirements for their business. Whether you need static security , crowd control, cash in transit or personal protection security services  We offer tailored security services for business. We start off with understanding your requirements then perform a risk assessment. We are then able to formulate a security plan that is effective to your business..

Pro Safe Security helps businesses reduce their risk and keep their people and property secure and safe. If you require a security a effective and reliable security company then get in contact today!

our security services cover Brisbane , Gold coast and Sunshine coast. 

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