Personal Protection

Prosafe security is a security company Brisbane and Gold coast providing  personal protection  services throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast. Our low-profile, highly trained bodyguards specialize in providing personal protection for varying periods from the length of a function to a few days or weeks, or even round the clock watch. Our bodyguards  can be there with you in complex and high-risk environments as well as everyday life.

The ProSafe Security Personal Protection difference

ProSafe Security is a family-owned security company in Brisbane and Gold coast . We personal protection services andto protect you, your assets as well as your Family. Our bodyguards work closely with you to make sure that the potential risks are detected & alleviated before they become significant threats.

Our personal protection team understand the significance of providing a discreet bodgyguard service. They use force as the last option when all others don’t work out. However, if situationsarise, they may even use force in an efficient way to ensure your safety. Being able to remain calm and handle situations even in hostile environments is what sets Our security company in Brisbane and Gold coast apart.

Our Bodyguards a re proud of being a part of ProSafe Security and play a great role in our company’s success story.

We use a Risk mitigation system to ensure we plan, act and respond effectively and efficiently.

Our personal protection service Brisbane and Gold Coast enables us to provide a complete, customized solution backed by excellent customer service.

Feel free to contact us for your personal protection needs Gold Coast and Brisbane Please Call us, email us, or fill our online form for an obligation free quote.

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