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ProSafe Security’s construction, mine, plant security services in Brisbane

Our security agency Brisbane, Sunshine and Gold coast provides customised security and protection services o keep your assets safe onsite from thieves and other security risks.

ProSafe Security Risk Management services can also provide expert guidance, subject-matter expertise, and a statewide footprint that permits us to help our valued clients make sense of the most complex and emerging security problems facing our world today.

Security guard services at Construction Sites in Brisbane, Gold and Sunshine Coast

Thefts on construction sites, plants, mining sites and other properties are increasing. As a site manager, owner, CEO, or business owner you are responsible for the safety of your site, equipment, and property. This responsibility is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is a big responsibility. With crimes like theft, vandalism, and unlawful entry increasing, it’s important to get solid advice. Prosafe Security Services are the leaders in security at construction sites, mine security, and plant security.

trusted and professional security services for your construction site

Our Brisbane security guards will take care of all your industrial equipment and machinery. They are regularly targeted by criminals in Queensland.

Our team can provide peace of mind for you and your employees before, during, and after your work shifts.

In 2016-17, security guards and patrol dogs were affordable and very cost-effective. Thieves are less likely to target industrial and construction sites if there is a visible guard at your premises.

Canine patrol dogs, mobile and roving security and security guards are great for large industrial areas. They can cover more ground in less time than trained security dogs.

They are able to outrun intruders and can be used as a deterrent at all work sites. Our professionals will guard the site to prevent thefts or vandalism.

Professional and opportunistic thieves are attracted to construction sites. Although company work vehicles, heavy-duty site equipment, tools, and industrial machinery have some value, stealing and selling them off takes more effort than the theft of other building materials.

The value of most metals found on Brisbane and Gold Coast construction sites has increased over the past few years, particularly Copper (and copper wiring).

Because scrap metal is hard to trace, some scrap metal merchants ignore thieves who regularly offload stolen goods. Copper wiring became a popular target for criminals in rural Queensland.

If you want to be sure of your security, the best security strategy is to hire QSS’s most reliable security guards in Brisbane and Gold Coast. Our presence alone, combined with the many loyal clients we have in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ipswich, will keep thieves away from stealing your valuable assets, such as copper wiring, building materials and other valuable assets.

Although the price of copper and aluminium is variable, with so many Australians out-of-work and scrap metal dealers willing and able to pay cash without any questions asked, it’s possible to hire security officers for a small amount of money.

Mine  & Plant Security Guard Services Gold & Sunshine Coast to Brisbane

Prosafe Security Services provides fully qualified and trained security personnel for mine sites with or without canines. All types of mining operations are covered by our security officers.

  • Site patrol
  • Site patrol after hours
  • Response in an emergency
  • Protest activities
  • Site access compliance
  • Inductions for visitors, staff, and contractors
  • Unauthorised access
  • Both internal and external theft
  • Vandalism

Security and protection of industrial sites in Brisbane, Ipswich and Logan, Sunshine Coast & old Coast regions

Queensland’s most trusted supplier of security solutions for the plant, construction and industrial businesses is our Gold Coast and Brisbane security teams. We are sensitive to the special nature of working at high-risk sites and will work closely with each client to develop and implement custom procedures.

Our industry knowledge allows us to prepare work procedures, task sheets, and risk registers for each client and site. We work collaboratively with management, staff and all stakeholders to create the most secure, effective security solution.

We can even hire specialists and local workers to help our industry and clients in construction. We take into consideration issues like accessibility and risk at each site.

We follow best-practice occupational health and safety regulations and take the time necessary to understand each site’s environmental plan, safe work methods statements, and safety policies.

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