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4 Steps to Provide Superior Customer Service as a Security Officer

Working as a security officer in Brisbane and surrounding regions is a difficult but satisfying job.

While it’s essential to remain serious and professional in difficult situations, coming across as unapproachable or disinterested can make your job more difficult if customers regard you as unfriendly or unhelpful.

Concentrating on your customer service skills improves customer satisfaction and makes work a charming place to be.

Here are four ways you can give exceptional customer service.

Make a Good First Impression

Whether over the telephone or in person, security officers are frequently the first point of contact a client or customer has with a business.

Welcome every customer in a warm, pleasant way. Give customers your name throughout your initial greeting and ask how they would like you to address them.

Constantly default to Mr. or Ms. and the customer’s last name until told differently.
Keep your uniform fresh and pressed, and keep up with your personal grooming.

Avoid large pieces of jewellery, scuffed shoes, and anything more that could be seen as unprofessional.

Keep your shirt tucked in and make certain your security credentials and logo is plainly visible to customers.

Control Your Body Language and Voice

Having a calm and confident yet friendly tone of speech helps customers feel both secure and comfortable.

This is especially important with customers who are angry or irritated. Sounding defensive or agitated can escalate people further.

Try to dodge long pauses and don’t pepper your communication with “ums” or “ahs,” as this can make you appear uncertain of yourself or occupied.

Smiling goes a long way with customers and clients who may expect security guards to sustain a straight face at all points.

Staying watchful of your body language can also make a considerable variation in how customers see you.

Maintaining eye contact when speaking with customers shows them you’re focused on what they’re stating.

Keeping good posture helps you look alert and willing to help while slouching will carry a lazy and disinterested manner.

Try to avoid putting your hands in your pockets when you speak with shoppers. Don’t cross your arms in front of your chest, as this makes you seem closed off.

Go Above and Beyond to Assist Customers

The small things can often turn a negative or disinterested customer experience into a confident one.

Though your first preference is the safety and security of the business, consumers, and employees, contributing extra service makes dealing with customers much more relaxed.

Offer to hold the entrance or door open for customers, particularly if they’re carrying large or heavy objects.

Get to know the company you’re serving so you can give customers precise and accurate directions.

If you can leave your station, offer to escort customers to their vehicles if it’s dark.

Repeat customers’ questions and inquiries back to them in your own words to show them you learned their needs and let them know you’ll be happy to help them with anything you can.

Explain Yourself

Explaining security procedures to shoppers helps them realise why you need to do specific things and makes them more likely to comply without incident.

Giving explanations without being asked guarantees customers you’re following the proper procedures and aren’t asking for random, unnecessary behaviours.

If you want to ask for identification or ask clients to put their personal belongings in a scanner, describe why those policies are in position and how they shield them.

Always thank customers for complying with your guidance and let them know if they should require different procedures anyplace else in the building.

ProSafe Security Brisbane, Gold and Sunshine Coast offers security services to companies in the greater South East Queensland areas.

We believe in client-to-business trust. All of our security guards are fully trained in customer ethics and personal communication skills.

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