The Different Types Of Security Guards

The security industry is booming in today’s world. Security services are needed to protect different businesses. Security guards are essential for small and large businesses. Businesses face many hazards and threats all year. The security guard is responsible for protecting residential properties, private industries, and government institutions. Security guards have the primary responsibility of protecting assets and reporting on security breaches.

Today, there are more than a million security guards in every country. They protect the property and the people.

The sector of security guards is an important part of the economy and has seen tremendous growth in recent times. Many people still believe that its services are the same despite its enormous size. However, this misconception is false. There are many security guard services available, each better suited to your specific needs.

There are many types of security guards. It is important to ensure that the right security personnel are assigned to each security task. These are just a few of the many types of security guards available and the services they offer.

Different types of security guards

1. Government Contract Security Guards

Government-hired security guards are often well-trained and armed. These security guards are deployed to protect, secure and defend government employees as well as property. These security guards are able to work in many settings.

They are responsible for securing a particular site or facilities such as military command centres or courthouses. They may be required to protect personnel or property in high-risk situations.

Government Security Guards must not only have the required skills but also have a clean criminal record. Potential candidates are often rejected by those with criminal records.

2. Security Guards in-House

Companies hire in-house security guards to serve their needs. They are not hired through a private security company. These security guards report to and are paid by the companies they work for and follow their expectations.

Despite the fact that many countries ban internal security recruitment, some firms are allowed to continue to hire security officers and allow them to do so.

There are many opportunities to work as a security guard.
* Armoured Guards
* Bank
* Medical and Hospital facilities
* Cruise Ship
* Information Security Industries
* Hotel and Resort
* Nightclub Bouncers
* Museums

3. Contract Security Guards

This is the most popular category of security guards. Private security agencies hire private contract security guards. A security agency is hired by clients to provide security guards that meet their needs.

Private Security Guard Options

A private security company can offer a variety of services to a company that hires its services. The majority of security companies will offer the following services or some combination thereof:

1. Unarmed Security

Unarmed security guards are those who do not carry weapons or guns. They are present at a business or property. They are present at all locations, keep an eye on security systems and respond quickly to any threats. Guards are valuable even if they don’t have guns. Their presence is enough to deter criminals and trespassers. The tasks of an unarmed security guard include surveillance, patrolling and access control. They also have the ability to search for criminals. Unarmed security tasks are performed by more than 80% of global security personnel.

2. Armed Security

For locations that require a more robust security service, an armed security service may be required. In high-crime areas, or where someone’s life is at risk, armed security guards can be used.

They are armed with lethal weapons, and possibly small firearms at work. To legally carry a firearm, they must complete additional training and obtain a state-mandated firearms certification. Because they are familiar with operating firearms, armed security guards often come from the ex-military and law enforcement ranks. Companies that deal with high-value products and services often hire armed security guards.

3. Bodyguards

They are personal security officers that are responsible for protecting a person. These officers are responsible for protecting the lives of HNIs and dignitaries as well as celebrities and VIPs like politicians. They are usually well-armed and have high levels of training. They can also be referred to as personal protection agents.

4. Video Surveillance Operator

Private security companies train their employees in the use of video surveillance equipment and tactics before they send them to the client’s place. Other security guards may be involved in the evaluation of camera footage and surveillance. They can also monitor the situation. To monitor illegal activity, many businesses have surveillance cameras installed around their facility and outside.

CCTV operations, which mainly require monitoring activities, operate in a low-risk environment but must detect major incidents that could have an impact on the operation.

5. Patrol Guards

Mobile patrol security guards monitor your home and office 24 hours a day to look for suspicious activity. They are not always present. They patrol during emergencies and at regular times. The security tag system used by Shergroup to track the times and dates that patrolling guards have visited certain areas of the grounds is used to manage Shergroup’s guards. You have the option to hire a permanent security guard/unit to protect your property 24 hours a day or to hire a mobile unit to visit your location at predetermined times and on predetermined days.

6. Event security guards

Because of their visibility, event security guards are the most prominent in the industry. They are responsible for crowd control and maintaining order at sporting events and professional conferences.

Event Security Guards are responsible for ensuring that all attendees stay in the permitted areas and do not bring prohibited items into the venue. They might be called to break up fights or prevent them from happening, especially if there is a lot of alcohol involved or when emotions are high.


Although the security industry provides a variety of services, many people don’t realize how important they are to their personal or business needs. There may be many options available for you when searching for security guard service providers near you.

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