Personal Protection for high net worth families

The ANZCTC Dig Pro (Dignitary Protection) standards are a set of guidelines established by the Australian and New Zealand Counter-Terrorism Committee for protecting dignitaries, VIPs, and other high-risk individuals. These standards outline the best practices for private security details tasked with providing protection to individuals in high-risk environments and are suitable for use in providing personal security for high net worth families. They are based on international best practices and are recognized globally as a benchmark for security professionals.


The ANZCTC Dig Pro standards cover a range of topics, including risk assessment, security planning, operational procedures, and emergency response. They also provide guidance on the number of security operators required for a given operation, depending on the status of the Vienna Convention-recognized protected person.

At Panoptic Solutions we’re well across this because we are a team with training and experience operating under these guidelines. Members of our teams deployed across operations have either been trained in or were trainers in this qualification framework which is recognised as the highest level of Dignitary Protection training in Law Enforcement in Australia and New Zealand.

When it comes to private security for UHNWIs, adhering to the ANZCTC Dig Pro standards can provide a framework for ensuring the safety and security of individuals and their families and we base much of the work we do on these standards. By following these guidelines, private security details can develop effective risk management strategies and implement a comprehensive security plan tailored to the specific needs of the client.

When it comes to providing private security detail for an ultra-high net worth individual (UHNWI), it is important to follow the best practices and industry standards set by professionals, sadly many family offices are totally unaware of these as they’ve come into their roles from other disciplines. While we no longer have to as strictly abide by the ANZ CTC Dignitary Protection (Dig Pro) standards of operation as a private enterprise, it is definitely utilised as a guideline, yet it is often metered against the client’s security budget.

The ANZ CTC Dig Pro standards dictate a set number of operators for a Close Personal Protection (CPP) operation depending on the status of the protected person. For example, for a protected person or Personal security for high net worth families who is not recognised internationally, the standard recommends a minimum of two operators. However, for a protected person who is recognised internationally under the Vienna Convention, the standard recommends a minimum of three operators. These standards though are minimum’s and as can be seen in the referenced image some teams can be far in excess of 2-3.

In addition to the number of operators required, the ANZ CTC Dig Pro standards also provide guidelines on the types of equipment needed, such as communication devices and firearms (in Australia the use of firearms for DigPro/EP/CPP is still a contentious issue and reserved for armed guards of cash in transit only. This is a phenomenal concept considering the net worth of some of these UHNWI’s outstrips the value any Cash In Transit guard might hold any given day of the week) and the necessary training for operators to effectively provide protection.

Following these best practices and industry standards is crucial in providing the highest level of protection for UHNWIs and their families. This not only ensures the safety and security of the protected person but also provides peace of mind for the Personal security for high net worth families and their loved ones.

In addition to following the ANZ CTC Dig Pro standards, it is also important to conduct thorough risk assessments and pre-travel planning before embarking on any high-risk travel. This includes identifying potential threats, determining the necessary security measures, and having emergency response plans in place.

By following best practices, industry standards, and conducting thorough risk assessments, private security details can provide effective and efficient protection for Personal security for high net worth families, giving them the confidence to travel and conduct business safely.

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