How to Prevent Theft in Your Small Retail Business

How to Prevent Theft in Your Small Retail Business

Shoplifting and other forms of theft are common in retail stores. Increasing security in your store is the only way to stop this from happening. To make your store more secure and reduce theft, greet customers and screen employees.

Greet customers and be hands-on

When people come to your door, greet them. Friendly customer service is a combination of being friendly and offering assistance to customers who need it. Your friendliness to customers sends a subtle message that you and your staff are attentive to their needs.

Customers notice you if you pay attention to them. Your attention is positive for a customer. Your attention can be a problem for shoplifters. Shoplifters will not be tolerated if you are vigilant and watch your customers.

Screen new employees

Businesses lose as much as $50 billion annually to employee theft. To avoid these losses, it is important to properly screen job applicants. To avoid hiring mistakes, interview applicants several times.

Ask all candidates the same questions and take notes about their answers to make them easy to compare. Each time you hire a new employee, go through these steps.

Send your employees to security training.

Your employees can learn from security training what to look out for when trying to catch shoplifters. To find out if security training is available in your area, you may need to call local security companies.

You can also provide your own training if security training is not available. Talk to the security company in Brisbane, Gold and Sunshine Coast to see if they are able to send someone to your workplace to discuss the warning signs that shoplifters might be.

Keep a written security policy.

What are your expectations of your employees in the event that they suspect that they might be shoplifting? This information should be written down and distributed to all employees. You can ensure that all employees respond to shoplifters in a manner that you approve.

Install a bell on your door

Customers can be difficult to monitor if you don’t even know who they are. To alert staff when a customer enters or leaves your store, place a bell at the door.

Although some stores may use an alarm rather than a bell, alarms can be annoying to customers who are good and can ruin people’s shopping moods. Customers who are legitimate will appreciate a bell’s pleasant sound and better reception.

Improve Lighting

Good lighting can deter shoplifters, as you can see what is happening and capture the culprit.

Lighting can be improved to prevent theft. It may be necessary to add more lighting to the ceiling or to replace old bulbs with brighter ones. To install more lights, consult a contractor. They will show you how to do it in an attractive and efficient manner.

Get in touch with a reputable security company in Brisbane, Gold and Sunshine Coast.

Reputable security companies can help you protect your retail business from shoplifting and theft. The security company will help you spot the signs that encourage shoplifting. You can also rely on your security company to keep an eye on your store.

Prosafe Security is happy to answer any questions you may have about shoplifting and theft prevention. Contact us today for more information.

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