How to Protect your Home with Security Lighting

How to Protect your Home with Security Lighting

How to protect your home with security lighting

Not only does outdoor lighting add beauty to your home, but it also enhances your home’s security. Recent research shows that burglars are less likely to target homes with security lighting than those without it. Intruders can hide in your home if you have security lighting. Intruders are discouraged from targeting your home because they can easily be detected.

Security lighting is not like other types of lighting. It was designed to secure your home. Many of them have security features that can detect and deter burglars. Do you want security lighting installed in your home, but don’t know where to start? Here are some tips to help you protect your home with security lighting.

1. Make sure your security lights are not out of reach

You must protect your home by installing security lighting. Make sure your home security lighting is properly installed with a clear plastic cover or mesh wire. Intruders will target your home security lighting first. They will be able to control the lights if they are within reach. Experts recommend that security lights be placed at least 8 feet above the ground or along roof lines. You can eliminate the possibility of an intruder breaking into your security lighting if it is too far away.

2. Make sure security lights are on

Some people like to turn off security lights even when they’re not home. You are probably making a big mistake if this is you. Security lighting’s main purpose is to detect trespassers and raise alarms if necessary. They cannot protect your home if they are turned off. The security light creates the impression that someone is in your house, even if there isn’t. Remember that thieves are extremely keen and will always be able to see when the house is empty. By keeping security lights on when you’re not there, you can create the impression that someone is there and keep thieves away.

3. Motion detector security lighting

You can increase your home security by installing motion detector security lights. They can be used to deter crime if placed strategically. People who want to conserve energy and motion detector security lights are highly recommended. They turn on only when they sense motion. Many people prefer motion detector security lights because they catch intruders off guard.

4. More lights

Most homeowners prefer to have one or two bright security lighting fixtures. This is a bad idea. A few bright security lights won’t protect your home well, especially if you have a large backyard. A reputable electrician will tell you to put more security lights in your home than just one or two. Multiple lights can be used to remove dark areas around your home. Burglars will have an easier time hiding in dark areas. You should have more lights than one or two bright lights. This will prevent burglars from hiding.

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