7 Security Mistakes You Must Avoid in Your Gated Community

7 Security Mistakes You Must Avoid in Your Gated Community

Potential residents of gated communities should be concerned about security. A strong security system is a key to attracting and retaining residents.

To keep your gated community attractive to new residents, be aware of security issues and avoid them. Here are seven security errors to avoid in order to protect your residents as well as your reputation.

Unsecured Entries

Do not overlook any entrance to your gated community. It is not enough to simply put a gate up. Even the most skilled burglars could manipulate electronic gates. It might not be able to protect you if the gate is all you have.

To ensure security at all entry points, a security guard and an access station are installed to track who is coming in and out.

No Direct Security Contact

All residents of your community should be provided with a security contact. Residents should notify this contact immediately if they notice anything unusual.

Intruders can run amok in your community without a security contact.

Residents should be able to contact a designated representative immediately to address security concerns. This will give them peace of mind as well as maximum security.

Occasional Absence of Security Officers

Potential burglars monitor gated communities in order to find security breaches to exploit. If you allow even temporary absences of security officers at access points, you create a security risk.

To ensure security personnel are always on duty at security stations and access points, it is important to schedule security officer shifts.

Lack of Educational Resources for Residents

It is important to educate your residents about security protocols. Gated communities have residents who appreciate security measures taken by management and are open to the following protocol.

Distribute literature and brochures to inform residents about security procedures at access points. If residents want to invite friends to their community, they need to be aware of the security procedures at access points.

Lack of research and awareness of risks

To prevent and address security risks, a risk assessment is crucial. A risk assessment should identify not only potential security breaches but also analyze the crime surrounding the community.

If you are the manager or owner of a gated community, it is important to establish a communication channel with local law enforcement officers. Ask for their advice and for details about the crime risk in your area.

Incomplete Visitor Logs

Visitors who are invited by residents to your community should sign in to digital visitor logs. These logs can be arranged digitally using visitor management software. Your community will feel more secure if it has complete and accurate visitor logs.

To ensure you are aware of who is coming and going, guests should have to present a form of identification to sign visitor logs. Visitors log records should not only show the identity of guests but also the time they were present in the community.

Unclear Allocation of Responsibilities

Security staff must be fully aware of their responsibilities. Your residents must also understand their responsibilities in securing their homes.

Describe your security policy. Security lapses can be caused by inexact allocations of responsibilities between residents and staff.

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