Cash In Transit Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

Cash In Transit Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

Prosafe Security, based in the Sunshine Coast, offers a security service: Cash In Transit.

We provide the best service possible to our clients without distractions.

Our goal is to get your money there in a professional, efficient, and secure manner.

Cash in transit services is available on request throughout Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast.

Our services can be used by any business type or private individual without the need for minimum or lock-in amounts.

For professionals

Prosafe Security takes cash in transit very seriously. You can expect the highest level of professionalism.

We are a trusted client, and our integrity is unsurpassed. You can be sure that your best interests will be taken care of.

Small business, private individual or large Corporation cash in transit transactions will be handled professionally and promptly.

The Team

Prosafe Security and cash in transit specialists employ only highly-trained staff.

These highly valued employees exhibit total professionalism at all times.

They must go through a rigorous screening process that includes extensive screening and police background checks before being accepted to the team.

Prosafe Security Cash In Transit team can assist with your cash transport or delivery needs.

Our licensed security guards have been carefully selected and trained to meet our high service standards. Our staff have also been subject to multiple background checks by Police before being hired.

Prosafe Security can offer a variety of services to meet your needs, including:

  • Armed cash escorts
  • Cash escorts without firearms
  • Uniformed security
  • Security In plain clothes
  • Cash collection for events
  • Daily banking
  • Secure cash storage

We offer a range of services that are tailored to your specific needs.

Prosafe Security fully insures all your money and valuables. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your hard-earned cash is safe and being looked after every step of the process.

What is Cash in Transit In Brisbane & The Sunshine Coast?

Cash-in-transit(CIT) or cash/valuables-in-transit(CVIT) is The physical transfer of banknotes and coins, as well as credit cards, from one place to the next (also known by the acronym ). Locations include ATM points, bank branches, cash centres, large retailers, and other premises that hold large amounts of cash, such as ticket vending machines or parking meters.

CIT (cash-in-transit) refers to situations where actual cash money is transferred from one state to another. Cash-in-transit is similar to cash valuables and in transit (CVIT). It may be physical cash that is being moved from one place to another. For example, money could be taken from a bank vault to be delivered to a customer in an armoured vehicle.

This service remains the most secure and efficient way to do this. Many companies still depend on physical currency transfers for their cash flow. This service has been crucial in maintaining that cash flow. What exactly does this service include?

Definition: What’s CIT all about?

CIT refers to professional security personnel who transport cash or valuable items (e.g. jewellery, gold bullion and other valuable items. It’s designed to protect customers and employees, ensure safe transport, and save businesses time and money by not delivering cash or valuables. We can either use your vehicle or ours or walk from the collection point to the delivery point.

Who benefits from this service?

Many businesses have moved to cashless transactions and online money transfers. However, there are still some industries that require physical transfers. These industries include banks and supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, petrol stations, and other retail outlets.

What services are available when you use CIT?

Risk Assessment

When deciding how to transport the cargo. Security team members can conduct their own assessments to identify potential dangers they might encounter, such as armed hold-ups or attacks and exposure to harsh elements and injuries. Other factors include traffic conditions, business hours, the efficiency of communication systems and suitability of the vehicle and tools used.

Secure Collection and Delivery

Security officers are responsible for the collection and delivery of money and other valuables. They communicate with their manager and any other person responsible for tracking their progress. Any changes or problems encountered during the process are immediately reported. Security officers are trained to protect company property against various threats.

High-Visibility or Discreet

CIT security officers can adjust their visibility depending on the circumstances. The vehicles can be marked or unmarked. Security officers can wear plain clothes or their security outfits.

Specialised Skill

They are capable of much more than just responding to security threats during delivery. They can also administer first aid, handle terrorist threats, and do other emergency responder tasks when necessary.

Safe Work Procedures

CIT officers are trained in following safety procedures when performing their duties. This includes proper task delegation, health and safety considerations, identification of suspicious behaviour and guidelines for responding to security-related incidents.

Reports Documentation

All steps from collection to delivery are appropriately documented and consolidated into a report which will be sent to the client.


CIT services also provide insurance for company property if they are stolen or damaged. You will have peace of mind, regardless of the circumstance.

What innovations has CIT accumulated over the years?

GPS tracking and Alarm Systems

GPS technology can be used to track CIT vehicles. These vehicles can be tracked using GPS technology. They can have alarm systems that can be easily activated in emergency situations.

Personal Protective Equipment

As part of their protection, security officers might carry portable duress alarms, mobile communication equipment, and firearms with them.


Cash-in-Transit is a reliable security solution that you can use to protect your business assets. This service takes away the hassle of organising all logistics necessary for the transfer and handovers this responsibility to professionals with extensive experience in this field. You can rest assured that your cash and valuables will be safe.

Prosafe Security CIT services have a long and distinguished track record. Many businesses consider us the best in the region because of our highly skilled security officers. They are trained in risk management and customer service. We also have state-of-the-art tracking and communications technology.

Get in touch to¬†learn more about how we can help your company in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast secure valuable assets and promote your business’s growth. Please contact us.

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