26 Feb 2020

Security guards are those persons who can save property, assets, and people by patrolling and deterring crime, theft, terrorism, vandalism, and other illegal activities. They have a number of roles and responsibilities. Security guards always give you ultimate of mind by their services. 5 major strategies of security guards are given below.


Visibility is one of the major strategies of every static security guard in Brisbane. This means they always make themselves visible clearly. The visibility strategy helps to deter crime. Most of the shoplifters, muggers, burglars, and criminals would reconsider to do an illegal activity if they see the security guards in front of the property. Proper positioning is essential as it prevents theft, personal injury, vandalism, damage, and other activities.

Call for help

Most of the security guards use to call for help strategy. In case of emergency or any dangerous situation like an armed robbery or assault with weapons, it is quite impossible to tackle the situation for the unarmed static security guards. In this situation, they apply their call for help strategy that means they inform the local police for taking immediate action. In this way, the entire situation can be handled.


Static security guards specialise in monitoring. This strategy is a part of their responsibility. Proper monitoring helps to deter crime and control any emergency situation. Experienced security guards properly monitor every authorised and unauthorised movement of the visitor. Apart from that, they fully check visitors. If they find anything wrong, they don’t waste time to take the necessary action. The monitoring strategy has much importance.

Handling or tackling

Handling or tackling any situation is another part of the responsibility of the security guards. Security guards or personnel are generally present in large gatherings such as religious assemblies, political rallies, corporate parties, etc. Security guards can maintain the whole crowd and properly handle any illegal situation like stampedes, riots, theft, law breakdown, etc. They can also prevent any dangerous situations and save people.

Stay alert

Last but not the least, every security guards always maintain staying alert strategy. They are always aware of their surroundings. Security guards also have a very good sense of hearing, smell, and sight. They check the property and its premises 24*7. With the help of this strategy, security guards are able to act instantly when they see any wrong situation.

So, these are the most powerful strategies maintained by security personnel. They are highly skilled and have years of experience. They always keep the property safe and secure. So, if you are looking for experienced security guards for your property then call ProSafe Security as early as possible.

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