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5 types of security guards you consider for personal protection

Security services are always essential to protect businesses, properties, individuals and property assets. Professional security guards are well-trained and they have years of industry experience.
Prosafe Security staff or personnel are assigned to the particular security assignment. In this blog, we discuss 5 types of security guards you consider for personal protection.

Unarmed Security
Unarmed security guards never carry any kind of firearm or gun. They are present physically on a business or property. Unarmed security guards patrol all of the locations, keep an eye on the security systems, and respond to threats swiftly & efficiently. The presence of this security protection alone is enough to dissuade criminals or trespassers, even if they don’t have firearms. Surveillance, patrolling, policy enforcement, access control, searching, crowd management and general crime prevention are all functions performed by unarmed security guards.

Armed Security
Armed security comes under tougher personal protection services in Gold Coast. This is the opposite of the unarmed security option. This means armed security guards carry guns or other weapons. The armed security force is mainly employed in high-threat areas where the life of an individual is at risk or if the property or business is situated in a high crime area. They usually carry small firearms or lethal weapons on the job site. The armed security guard has to undergo advanced training & state-mandated firearms certification to get the license to carry a firearm legally.

Bodyguards are professional security personnel who are employed to protect VIP persons. These security guards mainly protect the lives of politicians, dignitaries, celebrities, scientists and other VIPs and wealthy people. Bodyguards are highly trained and well-armed. They can also be called personal protection agents. Bodyguards are assigned to give you protection against theft, assault, and kidnapping.

Mobile patrol security
Mobile patrol security guards patrol properties or business premises on a vehicle to inspect any kind of suspicious activity as well as threat. Mobile patrol security is not a constant presence. However, you may hire a permanent patrol security force for 24/7 surveillance and protection.

Event security
Last but not the least, event security services are popular for their higher visibility. These security guards are in charge of crowd management & controlling order at several events like concerts, professional conferences, sports events, corporate functions, festivals, conventions, etc.

The personal protection system offers a vast range of services, yet people are still unaware of the importance of their personal or business needs. Personal security guards are committed to defending your assets, property, and businesses.

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