event security - trade shows and expos

Event Security – Trade Shows and Expos

Tech, entertainment, and hospitality hold some of the largest trade shows and exhibitions in South East Queensland. These shows often have attendance rates as high as 175,000 and host hundreds of vendors. This large crowd means that adequate security is a must. These 5 security essentials will ensure a great time for everyone involved.

Reduce vendor liability

Expos and trade shows are common destinations for vendors. Expos are a primary way for many vendors to attract new clients and potentially lead to valuable partnerships or contracts. Expos can present a risky proposition as vendors often bring multiple products to the demo, which increases the likelihood of theft and property damage. Unarmed or armed security professionals can reduce risk by inspecting premises for suspicious activity, intervening when criminal activity is occurring, and communicating with local authorities in a timely fashion.

Assure safety for attendees

Safety is an essential aspect of any large venue. Large crowds present increased risks, such as fire or the need for medical attention. It becomes more difficult to manage the situation should it arise. Security guards are trained in identifying warning signs on the site and acting as first responders until law enforcement and medical support arrive.

Monitoring entry and exits

Attendees at large trade shows can be charged up to $3,000 per ticket. Even a small number of unaccounted-for guests can have a huge impact on the event, costing thousands of dollars. With trained security personnel, it is possible to monitor the flow of guests and ensure that only authorized guests can enter. This will increase safety and reduce loss.

Security and staff at the additional venue

While most venues have their own security staff to manage events, the training of this personnel is not always complete. In an emergency situation, staff at venues may not be equipped for handling large crowds or acting accordingly. This will improve security and ensure a smooth operation. If something goes wrong, the investment is worth ten times.

Establish emergency evacuation protocol

A detailed protocol for large crowds is required in case of an emergency and evacuation. Even though venues may have their own staff, these people are often not equipped to guide large crowds confidently towards exits. It takes extensive training to be a first responder and maintain safety, security, order, and order in an emergency. Event security professionals can make the difference between life and death.

It is essential to have adequate security measures in place for large events. If in doubt, choose the most secure option and enlist help from a trusted security company like Fast Guard Security Service.

Expos, trade shows, and conventions can draw large crowds. It can be difficult and complex to plan events of this size. It’s difficult to deal with every security concern on your own because of the number of moving parts.

Prosafe Security Services has been helping trade show producers for years in the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast region for years. We make sure that every aspect of their events is covered and secured. Trade show security guards are highly skilled, certified and trained to ensure that large-scale events run smoothly. They can spot potential security threats that could put vendors, attendees and assets at risk.

Are you organising a large trade fair, expo, or other events? For all your security concerns, contact us today. Our team is known for providing high-quality,  custom security solutions for trade shows throughout South East Queensland. Prosafe Security can be your trusted partner when safety is paramount.

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