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 01 Jun 2020

A large section of the society has formed a different reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic. At such dismal times, the target for the organizations in Gold Coast is keeping the valued assets and facilities protected. Above all, the people involved in taking responsibility for the critical infrastructure have to be given uncompromised security. It could be transportation, healthcare, energy, baking, and finance departments – everyone should be protected so the society keeps on functioning.

Factors to Keep in mind while deciding on the physical security plan

With security being the chief priority, a list of factors have to be kept in mind while developing the physical security plans, despite the functioning organization or the facility. First, examining the best practices is essential for the organization to be adapted to the new set of rules according to the specific needs of. For this purpose, five factors have to be dealt with much care.

  • The public spaces should be prevented from overcrowding.
  • Keeping the physical protection of the financial assets protected. Even a framework has to be laid down for making an investment in the security services.
  • Updating the already aging security systems.
  • Maintaining employee privacy as well as of the general public
  • Keeping the data and information secured.
  • Security in the Gold Coast has to be strict for the healthcare facilities, construction sites, and critical industries. For these sectors, rethinking physical security should be wisely planned to keep the ongoing pandemic in mind.

Compartmentalization is physically separating and sanctioning the off-key area so the limited accesses are incorporated and the spaces are sealed off and meant only for the workers to place their equipment with safety. It keeps the assets protected. These situations call for extending the physical security protocols by means of tactics like compartmentalization. All the facilities should be controlled in its entrance and exit limits as well as occupancy limits along with a real-time tracking system. Integrated electronic security systems keep them maintained.

In the future, several organizations hosting large gatherings will have to reconsider their decision. Assessing the present situation, more future works will depend on autonomy sensors, increased automation, foot traffic management, and the related controls for limiting the count of people crowding.

To be safe from both immediate and future threats, paradigm shifts have to be fully understood by collecting information from people dealing with emergencies. It is important to consider the planned and proved methodologies. The apt process to develop a physical security plan at present include holding virtual meetings to get information on the evaluated plans, tactics on compartmentalization, and traffic design flow along with the stakeholders and the clients. At the same time, collaborating to planning to meet the challenges of future security programs is equally essential.

Dealing with physical security, another valuable solution is compartmentalization to apply to meet the unique needs of each industry and facility. As health safety concerns change rapidly, physical security has become a vital need for the future.

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