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 24 Nov 2019

Static security guards can inspect and patrol all properties against terrorism, fire, theft, vandalism and other illegal activities. They can accurately monitor the movement of people inside or outside the building and property for deterring crime. They provide you with the ultimate peace of mind by making your property safer.

What do they do?

Static security guards have a number of responsibilities. Generally, they do the following duties to keep vandalism away from your property.

• They monitor the security alarms and CCTV surveillance cameras
• Static guards always enforce and protect laws on the employer’s property
• They can control access for the employees, visitors and outside contractors
• They can perform the security checks on a particular region

So, these are the key responsibilities of the static security guards. Apart from that, they write detail and comprehensive reports after patrolling. They also detain the criminal violators and interview witnesses for testimony. The static guards are always alert during their shift. If an emergency situation arises, they can call the police, ambulance or fire service for instant help.

What are the job responsibilities of static guards?

As we discussed above, static guards have lots of responsibilities. Their responsibilities generally vary employer to employer:

Retail stores:

Here the main responsibility of static guards is to protect merchandise, equipment, records, money and the customers. They always work with the detectives for deterring theft by customers or employees. They also detain suspects until the police arrive.

Commercial buildings:

Commercial buildings like hotels, hospitals, banks and offices, the guards do their level best to protect people, staff and assets.

Art galleries and museums:

In museums and art galleries, Static guards always protect paintings, exhibits and sculptures in art galleries and museums.

Government buildings, military bases and factories:

In these areas, the static security guards protect all information and products. They also properly check people’s vehicles and other credentials.

Universities, stadiums and parks:

In parks, stadiums and universities, guards supervise seating
& parking, control crowd and other illegal activities.
Nightclubs and bars: In nightclubs and bars, the bouncers or guards always keep under-aged people away from entering. They also collect cover charges and deter illegal activities.

Static guard’s workplace

Static guards work in different types of environments such as office buildings, retail stores, and public sectors. Guards acting as the transportation security screener work in air, sea, rail & other modes of transportation. They also spend lots of duty time, either assigned to the specific post or patrolling premises.

So, these are the key responsibilities of static security guards. If you are searching for a security guard for your property, call ProSafe Security sooner. The company always offers well-trained, reliable and professional guards for many businesses in Gold Coast and Brisbane.

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