03 Aug 2020

This COVID-19 outbreak has adversely affected and taken a huge toll on several businesses of the world. As per the new study, as Dun and Bradstreet has conducted, about 5 million companies have been negatively affected because of this Coronavirus impacts. Gold Coast is no different.

The security industry in Gold Coast assists most of these businesses during these turbulent times by providing the fruitful services helpful to the community. The security firms are basically at the front line to help the people flatten the COVID 19 curve.

The Guarding Establishments

Now the security officers are needed in Gold Coast for safeguarding the temporarily closed establishments. When they are seen, then it assures the business’ safety while the staffs and the employers are away. The security officers make sure one gets the opportunity to have physical access to the building, while the pandemic rages on. Hence, the possibility of site contamination is well prevented. So, it is secured for the staff to come back to work while alleviating the costly decontamination procedure.

Controlling and Monitoring the Entrance and Exit Points:

The business establishments need strict entrance and exit measures related to security protocols, especially at the banks, supermarkets, pharmacies, and hospitals. The security officials take charge to monitor those safety protocols to control the individuals entering the building. All these rules include everyone is wearing a mask, checking their temperature with the help of thermal scanners, and if necessary, spraying the alcohol-based sanitizers. The security officials even make sure everyone is following physical or social distancing when they are inside the building.

Mobile Patrolling the Area For Security:

Patrolling is a widely demanded security service in Gold Coast for all scale commercial properties especially during the Coronavirus pandemic. The mobile security patrol officers ensure the building’s physical securities both before and after hours. They even monitor who are onsite post hours. They can even assist the staffs to lock the buildings and even escort them to their vehicles, on special request, especially when the times are quiet now and are even more noticeable as people are working remotely.

Detection and Safety Measures:

The security tools help in safety maintenance as well as to detect Coronavirus. The high-end CCTV cameras built with sensors help in automatic detection of body temperature. Then the data is analyzed by Artificial Intelligence and put to use for alerting everyone if someone has a raised body temperature. The technology is in wide-scale use at the airports and the populated areas.

Following the government, protocols are too important for preventing the virus from spreading. It is mandatory for everyone to stay at home as much as possible so the virus is stopped from passing on. Now the security industry has an inflated demand at the times of COVID-19 and is playing a crucial role to battle the Coronavirus crisis. The security firms are always beside the government to flatten the Coronavirus curve for everyone to return to their normal lives at the earliest. Security officers are highly seen at the establishments so everyone can understand the importance of being self-aware, by wearing a mask, maintain physical distancing, and use hand sanitizers.

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